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Studio Repairs for Stained Glass and Leaded Glass

Panels containing stained glass which will need to be matched, panels that require major re-cementing or major re-leading are typically repaired in the studio. These repairs require more time than on-site repairs.

The glass panel will be removed from the door or window and a piece of plywood will be installed in the opening and secured.

Once the repair is complete, we re-install the panel into the opening using clear silicone caulk. We replace the trim using an air gun which shoots small brads. We then fill the nail holes and caulk when needed.

About The Glass Junction

We specialize in Custom Stained Glass and Leaded Glass Windows. Select from our portfolio of original designs or work with our Artist to design something truly unique.

We also repair existing door and window panels to their original condition. Most repairs can be done "on site." When a repair is finished, it will be very hard to tell that it was ever needed.

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